D10 CHAINSLink Assembly (Track Chains)

Trackspares carries both sealed (dry) and SALT (sealed and lubricated tracks) versions of the track link assemblies.

The sealed Or dry chains as they are commonly known are most commonly used on excavators and older model bulldozers. Sealed chains use cone shaped steel washers to help prevent abrasive entry between the pin and busing. Grease lubricated chains, most commonly used on excavators, use a polyurethane seal to keep abrasives out and the grease in to better lubricate the pins and bushes.

The most common link assembly used on bulldozers is the lubricated style. These use a lip type seal to maintain oil in the pin and bush and prevent abrasive entry into the joint. Internal wear on the pin and bushing is usually the main reason for sealed chains requiring servicing. By keeping the pin and bush lubricated, this maintenance interval can be extended out further than traditionally possible with sealed chains.

Lubricated chains also have the advantage of being quieter in operation and do not result in the wear of other undercarriage components that can be caused by the excessive pitch extension resultant in sealed chains.

ISO 90001