Undercarriage Rebuild & Repairs - Service Exchange

Trackex/Trackspares is able to offer a range of unique reconditioning services that can bring undercarriage components that have reached the end of service life, back to as new condition.

Idlers, drive tumblers, load rollers and crawler shoes that would have been destined for scrap steel, can be reconditioned at a huge saving on new parts, while still achieving excellent service life.

These reconditioning procedures are able to be applied to most Komatsu, Caterpillar, Demag, O&K, Hitachi, Liebherr and P&H mining equipment.

These include:

Track Plate Re-lugging - D10 - D11, D375 - D475

Track Pad Reclamation - RH120 - RH200, EX2500 - EX5500,

Idler rebuild - Caterpillar D10 & D11 Hitachi EX1900 - EX5500 Komatsu D375 - D475 PC2000 - PC4000

Track Roller Rebuilds - D10 - D11, PC2000 - PC3000,

Track Chain Reseals Pin & Bush Turn - D6 - D11, D65 - D85,

Track Chain - Service Exchange *Reconditioned Track Groups & Track Chains available for sale.



Genuine Idlers can be sub arc re-welded and rebuild or service exchanged. commonly Caterpillar D10r, D10T, D11R, D11T or Komatsu D375 or D475.

New bearings, seals and shafts if required are fitted. Idlers are usually sold on a service exchange basis.

idler rebuilding

Load Rollers

Most Large load rollers are able to be reclaimed at a large discount to the cost of a new item. The shell is brought back to original dimension and new seals and bearings are fitted. New shafts can also be supplied if required, and damaged seal areas can be reclaimed.

These photo's show a before and after of a Komatsu PC3000 load roller:

Undercarriage Repair 04
Undercarriage Repair 05

Drive Tumblers

Drive tumblers can be repaired by either welding new rings onto the outside diameter, or welding back to original dimensions. (Service exchange available on common models)

Undercarriage Repair 06